Please remember that classes are limited to availability. In order to maintain a healthy group environment, we prefer to have a minimum of four students per class and a maximum of nine. Each semester we offer one weekday and one weekend class to accommodate your schedule preferences.  If a class you have signed up for does not meet the enrollment requirement, we will attempt to combine the weekend class with the weekday class, or vice versa. 

Other Notes:

  • All students must meet the age or grade requirement by the first day of class.
  • Parent/caregiver's full participation is expected in class & at home.
  • Payment of Registration/Materials fee is required at the time of registration and can be paid within 7 (seven) days of registration. You may make your payment online, mail your payment to the address below, or give us a call during our office hours to pay by phone. This fee reserves your place in class and is non-refundable.
  • Class schedule is subject to change.
  • Enrollment after the registration deadline will incur a shipping charge of $7.50 to rush class materials. The Registration deadline is 7 (seven) days before the first day of the term.
  • Get a head start and take a look at our class policy. We ask all parents to learn about the Academy's policies and return the agreement page within four weeks of a new semester. We appreciate your time taken to learn about the Academy!

    The Academy's drop-in hours are from 11am-3pm, Monday - Thursday. We are also available by appointment.

    Not sure what class is right for you?
    Send us a message or give us a call at (541) 484-5397 and we'll be happy to help!



Why Group Teaching?

Many prospective students have not experienced a group teaching method. There are usually concerns about individual attention and differences in skill but research has shown that students involved in a supervised ensemble develop a higher level of musical perception - becoming more aware of melody, harmony, rhythm, tone-color and dynamics. Our classes are kept small and instructors are trained specifically for group classes and offer individual attention when needed. 

Here are a few more reasons why our method is the method for you:

1. Singing, ear training, note reading games, and rhythm/keyboard ensembles are much more FUN when done in a group with other children!

2. Students discover that performing in front of others is less stressful when they do it on a weekly basis.

3. The Group structure is extremely motivating.  Kids love getting together with their musical friends each week and look forward to practicing at home.

4. While in the group, children learn to play with each other. This is a skill that is usually ignored in private lessons.

5. Parent involvement is a key factor in the student’s success in class. Rarely are parents involved in their children's music education and don't realize that they are the key to the consist practice that helps students progress so quickly! In our experience, children with involved parents progress twice as fast as those in private lessons.

6. Group activities include singing (both with words and solfege). Not only does this help a child acquire absolute pitch, but also aids in ear training, note reading,  and, later, composing and improvisation. Many of these activities are often neglected in traditional private lessons.

7. Teaching group classes helps us keep our prices affordable!