Beginning Instruments to consider when starting your Musical Journey

A mini guide for toddlers and beyond



There are so many great benefits to gain when you or your child begin to learn an instrument. Many scientific studies shows how music can increase memory skills, improve brain areas that deal with reading and math, and how music even teaches us how to be better humans by learning discipline, self expression, and responsibility along the way. So now we ask the questions: How old can I start my child in music classes? Which instruments would be good for beginners? Am I too old to start learning? Below is an article that explores the best instruments to start engaging with base on age from young toddlers and beyond! Here at the Eugene Piano Academy, we offer beginning classes and lessons for all ages that start at the toddler age of 2 years old to classes for elementary students and beyond. We even have expanded from piano studies to include other instruments like guitar, flute, violin, brass, and more! Music and rhythm is much more integrated in nature and our lives than we may have ever considered; from our very own heart beat to the singing birds. Consider joining one of our upcoming classes that fits you or your child and spark that curiosity and exploration for music!



Ready for More Music?

Learning a Secondary Instrument 


Have you or your child been taking piano lessons for a few years and is now interested to learn another? Maybe your child is interested in joining the school orchestra, band, or choir. Do you choose to trade instruments or learn to play two instruments? That’s the question we will tackle today here in the Music Room. Piano is a wonderful instrument to first learn about music; building a solid foundation that can lead to learning other instruments in the orchestra. If your child has interest and time, learning a secondary instrument can enhance their music education and offers more opportunities to engage in your community music groups. Let it be a youth orchestra, a band with your friends/family, or just for fun (now that you can play an instrument small enough to carry around with you). wink Learning another instrument along with the piano provides a different level and well-rounded approach to learning and playing music in different styles, interpretation, and sounds in general. Another little benefit in learning a new instrument, is that you get to start over fresh. Not only do you learn to play a new instrument, you also continue to build and enforce your musical knowledge that you already know! Improving in areas such as reading notes in a specific clef, complicated rhythms, or voicing in melodies and harmonies. Here at the Eugene Piano Academy we now provide more than just piano instruction! We now offer instrument lessons in guitar, strings, brass, and woodwinds! So maybe you feel more comfortable now to start learning another instrument, why not schedule a lessons with one of our instructors today and expand your musical possibilities!

Like to read a little more? Below is a wonderful little article that explores the readiness of learning a second instrument and how to find time to learn both!



End of the Year Thoughts

Reflection of the 2017-2018 year at the Eugene Piano Academy


As the music year is winding down, we at the Eugene Piano Academy would like to take some time to reflect on all the progress and growth all of our students have accomplished this past year. Some students have started from the very beginning knowing nothing about music and now can play piano with their right hand and left hand (even hands together!); some students returned from a long hiatus and started playing new challenging and fun music, returning to the recital stage once more; and some students kept up with their piano studies through the years at the academy and matured so much through their musical playing in general. We are so proud of everyone young and old for all of your accomplishments! Not only do we learn about music when playing an instrument, we also learn how to be better people and develop well rounded life skills along the way. Now that summer is approaching, don’t let your music making rest just yet! Consider taking some summer lessons or classes, but for sure return in the fall to continue your musical journey. Nothing makes your teacher prouder than seeing your personal growth as a musician and as a person blossom! Let’s finished the last weeks of the school year learning and making music together! BRAVO!


Below is a wonderful end-of-year letter to new music parents, and I think even current students could read, that really sums up our end of the year feelings quite well! Give it a read!



How to Motivate Your Child to Practice


An interesting look how parents can help with their child's practice and keep them motivated to reach small goals throughout the week!


What to do to Keep Making Music over the Summer

Practice vs Play, or Practice AND Play

The summer break has finally arrived!!! We wish you all the joys and fun on your summer break, but please do consider some music making among your summer plans. In these next couple of months everyone, teacher’s included :), will experience a change in routine; and during these times it is easy to drop everything to be listless and carefree. The summer months are filled with great opportunities to experiment, create, and learn in a less structured environment. We are sure your teachers have given you summer projects to learn and master over the break, but along with that, why not make practicing feel less like a chore to complete a task and more about music making in general. No need to slave away on hard passages and repetition, though maybe a little if necessary ;) Change it up by trying to learn a song you heard on the radio by ear, watch a summer concert or videos of great musical performers, try composing your own original song that one day may become a smash hit in the music world, or just find a friend or two to play in an ensemble with. The key is exploration and freedom to do so. This way you get to use your musical knowledge you have learned all year in another constructive method. The summer months are easy to lose all the great progress learned over the year and we wouldn’t want it all lost! Think about signing up for one of our summer camps or attend a drop-in class  this summer! We have camps that cater to all student playing levels and interest for music to keep things fresh and fun!

Even the pros of the music world sometimes think practicing is unpleasant. Read the article below to see how this 7-time grammy award winning pianist makes practicing “less of a slog”.


Look, Sound, and Feel like a Professional Pianist

Performing your best even with butterflies in your stomach 

The Spring season is often also performance season! Here at the Eugene Piano Academy we have students participating in Masterclass, Syllabus, and at our very own Student Recital coming up in May! Whether you are a first time performer or more seasoned, here is a neat article with tips on how to approach the task of preparing and performing at a public event like a pro! We are so proud how much work all our students are putting to prepare for their performances! Everyone enjoy!!